NSS UniFit ZFR Pipette Tips

National Scientific Supply UniFit™ ZFR™ (Zero-Fluid-Retention) Pipette Tips

History of Quality

Since its incorporation in 1984, National Scientific Supply (NSS) has been developing and manufacturing precision injection molded plasticware for the global research community. Recognizing that accuracy and reproducibility are essential for high quality research, NSS invented the universal-fitting Pipette Tip and has been producing beveled, non-wettable UniFit™ tips for many years.

Product Integrity

The invention of NSS's Zero-Fluid-Retention Tips combines over 10 years of research and development with petrochemical producers to provide customers with an exclusive solution for pipette tip performance. All UniFit Tips are molded in Zero-Fluid-Retention polypropylene resin. The beveled orifices of the UniFit tips combined with Zero-Fluid-Retention resin technology ensure superior sample recovery. All UniFit™ ZFR™ pipette tips are manufactured using 100% virgin polypropylene and are certified RNase/DNase/Endotoxin-Free. The homopolymer PP plastic is ADC/bovine-free and tips fit all single and multi-channel pipettors.

Universal Fit

Using exclusive ZFR resin technology, no droplets are left behind in the tip when pipetting. UniFit™ ZFR™ universal-fit pipette tips accommodate all single and multi-channel pipettors, including UniPette™, Pipetman®, Eppendorf, Biohit, BrandTech, Capp®, HTL/Labnet-Axygen®/VWR®, Jencons, Nichiryo/Oxford®, Socorex/Wheaton, and ThermoFisher/LabSystems. Small size tips also fit Finnpipette®, MLA™, and VistaLab™ pipettors.

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