About LSE

Welcome to Lab Supply Express (LSE), a member of the Therapak family of web-based ordering programs! LSE is dedicated to serving the laboratory industry with a convenient, cost-effective approach to supplying everyday laboratory products.

Our goal is to identify the products our customers require and meet their delivery requirements. LSE creates a customer specific ordering menu complete with all of the routine products that are needed by the laboratory each week or month. LSE represents hundreds of laboratory product suppliers, which means we have the capability of meeting your volume requirements while offering competitive pricing for a wide range of products.

How the process works:

  1. Exchange information
    • The customer emails a list of products purchased on a routine basis to an LSE Sales Manager.
    • The Sales Manager will thoroughly review the product list and offer suggestions for best value purchasing.
    • The Sales Manager will provide pricing for the customer's list of items based on the estimated usage for each product.
  2. An LSE account specialist creates a customized web ordering page
    • Once the terms are agreed upon between the parties, an LSE account specialist is assigned to the customer account. The specialist will then create a customized web ordering page featuring the most frequently released items.
    • To best fit your needs, your purchasing department administrator can approve single or multiple buyers to access the program. Once approved, a user name and password will be issued to all approved buyers. For companies with more than facility, shipments can be made to multiple locations.
  3. Receive invoices weekly, bi-monthly or monthly
    • All releases from LSE’s web ordering program are invoiced weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, depending on the chosen payment terms and adherence to the payment terms.
    • Since we understand that cutting purchase orders is a time-consuming process, one of our goals is to eliminate the day-to-day purchase order process in favor of emailing you a statement at the end of your chosen billing period.
    • As a LSE customer, we expect a prompt email reply with the single purchase order covering the period's activity so an invoice can be issued to your company. Not only is this a purchasing-friendly arrangement, but the billing process also reduces the number of invoices that are typically processed in the payables department.
  4. Enjoy comprehensive electronic statements
    • The easy-to-read statement contains a summary of the release activity generated from the billing period's LSE web-based ordering activity.
    • The emailed statement provides you with complete research capacity to view every order placed in the LSE system.
    • You can view the activity by department or buyer, even if it is personnel in the laboratory going online to request product.
  5. Easily access proof of delivery
    • If you need a proof of delivery for any release made from the LSE ordering program, simply go on to the LSE web ordering page and click "View Orders".
    • You can sort the list of orders by the subject order identification number.
    • Slide your cursor to the tracking number field and you will instantly become connected to the tracking information confirming delivery and who signed for the package(s).

LSE provides you with 24/7 service via the web-ordering program. We look forward to having you aboard!